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The Unwritten RPG Kickstarter is live!

InkWorks Productions is pleased to announce the launch of the Kickstarter for Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond!

Unwritten brings the surreal worlds of Myst and Uru to tabletop role-playing. Using the popular FATE gaming engine, Unwritten gives players the chance to delve into the depths of D’ni’s troubled past, influence the future of the D’ni, and explore or even create new Ages.

The D’niverse has room for any of the stories you want to tell. YOUR story is Unwritten.

The Kickstarter includes some fantastic rewards, including full BETA access, handcrafted arts, and, of course the book itself!

We invite you to become a part of Unwritten, and help bring the Ages of the D'ni from the video game, into the hands of players & GMs.

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InkWorks Productions
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All Guilds Meeting - October 2013

October's All Guilds Meeting has finished and there was lots to report, the least of which being that Doobes finally stopped slacking and returned to his moderating duties at last! cheeky As always, here are the raw and cleansed chatlogs for a little light reading.

Here's what went on this month:

Cavern Tours/Cavern Theater

Zeke365 and Stone started things off to talk about their planned Cavern Tours.  They are still in need of planning, including a translation bot (which Stone is working on), but they hope to have something happen in November.  Cavern Theater is still being put together.  Explorers are welcome to submit what they have to zeke for approval (zeke363@yahoo.com).  Events incorporating this material are still to be scheduled.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas came up next to mention that Gehn.17 was recently released.  The shard now has 908 active avatars, and the group would like to throw another party at some point in the future (hopefully to bring that total to 1,000!).

The Wonders of D'ni Read more

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D'ni Sphider, a New Search Engine for the D'niverse

Long-time community member Mac_Fife recently announced the release of his latest project, D'ni Sphider, an exciting tool for D'niverse archivists, historians and anyone else interested in learning more about the D'ni and their worlds. It consists of a search engine (powered by the open source Sphider web spider and search engine) capable of finding information spread across the various Myst and Uru websites using no more than a few keywords (think Google for Myst, Uru and anything else related to Cyan Worlds, the difference being that results are guaranteed to be relevant to the D'niverse). Read more

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Explorers Needed: Bahro Linguistic Field Study & Expedition!

Famed author and field explorer Ainia, along with her research partner KathAveara, are launching a new project!

Having applied for research grants from both the D'ni Museum of Art (& Sciences) and the Guild of Cartographers, funding has been secured to support a moderately sized expedition team into the various Ages. This group, along with small teams of individual explorers, will investigate and decipher the nuances of Bahro script versus the Bahro murals known more commonly as "Bahroglyphs". This project will follow up on the work of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, whose records stored in DMoA archives were damaged severely sometime before the cavern's reopening.

Current job openings include, but are not limited to:

  • Field Research Assistants
  • On-site Photographers
  • Linguistic Analysts 
  • Data Catalogers
  • And others....

To apply for any of these jobs, to simply express interest, or to share other relevant skills, please contact the expedition's team leader, KathAveara (KI# 17967159). One may also express interest via a post in the corresponding MOULa forums thread, or contacting DLordofTime, the project's representative on the forums, via PM.

Safe journeys to Ainia, KathAveara, and good luck to their entire team! Be careful out there!

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OpenUru.org Releases Minkata Shard Update

OpenUru.org and its contributors have put out the latest update to the Minkata shard (Minkata.77).  It comprises many bug fixes and other needed changes which, once properly tested, will be added to Cyan Worlds' MOULa shard in short order.

Some of the fixes (and their contributors) this upgrade include:

  • Fixed the issue that quick mouse moves while walking/looking by mouse could get the cursor out of the window and break the continuous turning (Hoikas)
  • Fix remote code execution through Python.Cheat and Python.RunFile (Boq)

In addition, the team has a request for those using the shard:

Code that has been changed on Minkata but not yet incorporated into MOULa is still present in this release (i.e. Physics fixes, Quab fixes, and removal of proprietary video player code). This is a final iteration of testing this large update to MOULa before Cyan picks up the changes. It is essential that we uncover any issues with the code before the handoff to avoid having Cyan spend time reverting MOULa back. In that situation we would be wasting some of the Cavcon fund due to having to back out (and resubmit) the changes

Make sure that moving your computer's mouse cursor into and out of the client window now behaves like any normal Windows program (your cursor should no longer be held captive by the game client)
Unless you forewarn me, don't try to do anything to confirm or exercise the exploit bug. I'll work with the developers to confirm this fix.

Haven't signed up for Minkata yet?  Head to this link and follow the instructions for creating an account and installing the shard.  Good luck to everyone testing the fixes!